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vii . Photocopy of job seekers

vii . Photocopy of job seekers ( yellow card Manpower) are still in effect. For applicants from abroad and do not have a job seeker ID card , the card can submit job seekers sign on stage interview test substance / psychological tests ;viii . Recent photograph size 4 × 6 cm ( colored ) in accordance with the criteria as many photos as 3 pieces . Please write the name of the applicant on the back of the photo ( see criteria in the photo here ) .f . Documents to be submitted at the interview stage of the test substance / psychological tests as follows :i . Original certificate of sound mind and body , and do not consume / use of narcotics , psychotropic substances , precursors , and other addictive substances recent ( last 3 months ) , not color blind , non-pregnant statement , issued by a physician .
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