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Guidance and Counseling Guidance and Counseling

S1 + Electro Act IV / Certificate of Profession8 . Master 1005139 BP / BK SMK 5S1 Guidance and Counseling Guidance and CounselingS1 Educational Psychology and GuidanceS1 + Psychology Act IV / Certificate of Profession
III . REGISTRATION PROCEDURESRegistration is from 20 to 30 September 2013 using the Internet media( on ​​line registration) , to the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration of selection procedures :a. Participants register with the Registration application On Line CPNSD KudusWhich aired in 2013 on the site to get a number cpns.kuduskab.go.idregistration and the registration form , the sequence of steps :1 . Open cpns.kuduskab.go.id site ;

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